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This Planetarian Life

April 17, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


This Planetarian Life—How to Shift to a More Plant-Based Way of Living ($195)

Want to enjoy all that life has to offer and still find a way to dramatically cut back on your meat and dairy consumption? Our family has been evolving to a more plant-based life for years, and my daughter, Maggy Keet, has been the catalyst to change our lives as well as those of a growing group on FaceBook who follow The Planetarian Life. Its mission is to help people evolve to a more plant-based lifestyle by offering simple, delicious recipes, easy techniques, tips, and strategies, and innovative ingredients that make this new way of eating a pleasure. 

We’ll start our day with breakfast and hot drinks as Maggy inspires us to consider the Planetarian path, a way of life that is not only good for the planet, but good for our health. Next Laurel will lead us to our mats and guide us through some gentle movement to restore our bodies, quiet our minds, and help us open to new possibilities.

After a quick break, Maggy and I will demonstrate key ingredients–like nutritional yeast, extra-firm tofu, dried beans, coconut oil shortening, our favorite plant-based milks, the best vegetable broths–that have helped us shift to more plant-based eating, with time for tasting as we go. Lunch follows: four different spring soups with homemade sourdough bread. As you enjoy a sampling, I will discuss tricks and tips for making full-bodied, full-flavored meatless soups.

After lunch Horticultural Therapist, Trey Wilson will guide us into the woods and let nature wash over us in a forest bathing experience. As we take in all of the sights, sounds, and scents, we will experience peace and a rejuvenation that only comes with a one-on-one encounter with nature.

Next, Maggy and I will demonstrate new techniques and strategies that have helped us easily and regularly serve up plant-based meals that our families love. 

We’ll finish the day with tea and a sweet treat as Maggy shares the two-week challenge, a discernment period that will help you determine the Planetarian life-style that’s right for you. We’ll open it up for group discussion, so you have time to share your successes and challenges as you find your way to a new way of eating and living. We’ll send you home with a link to a site with recipes, techniques, and community support that will help you move forward with ease and confidence.

Whether you’re looking to eat less meat and/or dairy for the planet, for your health, or for the sake of animals, come to learn how to shift your way of eating to a more plant-based one.

8:30-9:00 Arrival and check-in

9:00-9:15 Welcome

9:15-10:00 The Planetarian Life—Love Yourself, Love the Planet

10:15-11:00 Restore the Body, Quiet the Mind

11:15-12:00 Plant-Based Ingredients that will Change your Life

12:15-1:30 Plant-Based Spring Soup Bar with Demo

1:30-2:15 Forest Bathing

2:15-3:00 NewTechniques and Strategies for Plant-Based Cooking 

3:15-4:00 The Planetarian Challenge and Discussion with Tea and a Sweet Treat

Your hosts:

Pam Anderson

More about Pam Anderson here.

Maggy Keet

Besides being daughter of Pam, mom of Nova and Dash, and a career fundraiser, Maggy Keet is an avid home cook (how could you grow up at Pam Anderson’s knee and not be?). Nearly ten years ago she started her journey to what she used to call “vagueanisn” (vaguely vegan). Over the last decade, Maggy’s reasons for eating mostly plant-based have evolved. It began with personal health and well-being, but as the impact of big ag farming and meat production has become unsettlingly clear, she realized that this way of living and eating was imperative for the planet. That’s when “Planetarian” was born: a diet that’s good for you, and good for the planet.  As Maggy has learned more about plant-based cooking, her go-to recipes, techniques, and favorite products have changed too, and she is eager to share what she has learned.

Laurel Attanasio

Laurel is a yoga gypsy who loves exploring land and sea. She has always had the travel bug, but only fell in love with yoga eleven years ago. After completing her Master’s Degree in Business, while working full-time, she knew she needed a shift mentally and physically. At that point, she stepped into a yoga class and onto her mat; yoga changed her life forever. Within a year, she completed her 200 hour training and then within another she left her job to pursue a career in yoga. Shortly after, she completed an additional 300 hours of training, a Pilates Mat training, and a Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Training. Her passion to always learn more led her to working with Sadie Nardini. She spent hours soaking up anatomy knowledge from Sadie as well as learning the business of yoga. She had the honor of traveling the world with Sadie as her lovely sidekick for more than two years. Her teaching style encourages you to move with attention to alignment and core stability while maintaining a fluid breath cycle. Laurel’s approach allows you to progress to the next level of your practice, while using your core to find balance, stability and openness. Each yoga class is a reflection of everyday life; challenges in class will require you to maintain the integrity of your core, your true being. Laurel’s heart is rooted in her hometown of Bethlehem, PA, with her husband, Josh, and chi-weenie/sidekick, Zeek. Her love for travel and adventure keeps her teaching yoga, paddle boarding, hiking, running, tasting healthy vegan food and sipping wine and cocktails all over the globe. She loves helping others seek the beauty within and the beauty throughout the world. Join her locally, globally or online.


April 17, 2020
9:00 am - 4:00 pm